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On the smoke of the whole gist about the supposed affairs rising between soul singer LEGENDARY SUNI and singer KEILLA, which might have kindled before, during or after the collaboration of the single titled “CALLED LOVE” by Kiella featuring Legendary Suni and was produced by hit maker JosBug.

This made the headlines on the UKWUBENDA’S WORLDWIDE MEDIA via KEILLA AND LEGENDARY SUNI, HMM IS THERE SOMETHING MORE THAN MUSIC GOING ON BETWEEN THIS TWO? And this has been on people’s talk matters and gossip top list. So ThaUkwuBenda had to reach out to Legendary Suni in a chat to hear from him concerning this


UKWUBENDA: Bending Greetings bro, quick one, tell me, what’s actually happening between you two?

Legendary Suni: Happening where biko? Hian.. Me i don’t need to explain na.. By now you should know i don’t have such time.

UKWUBENDA: What time do you then have? Are you saying she’s not your type? Or you just don’t want to let the cat out of the bag?

Legendary Suni: This is not a matter of type.. Or a convo about type.. Keilla is anyone’s type.. But then.. We are strictly professional about our art Nothing extra. That shoot didn’t even last up to 5seconds.. I’m an actor..


The ability to make things look real and appealing to the eyes of my fans.. That’s the goal. But behind the scene.. It was the most uncomfortable 4 seconds of my photo shoot life. Also.. We are friends.. Asides the music.. If we are to achieve such a shoot.. We need to be able to bond.. Because emotions don’t lie..

UKWUBENDA: Uncomfortable you say.. Why?

Legendary Suni: Been that close to a girl I’m not emotionally attached to and keeping cool at the same time. Those pictures of us taking selfies was before the shoot.. Practicing in front of the mirror how we should pose to depict “Love”.

UKWUBENDA: There were few reports saying both of you were found together.

Legendary Suni: Lols.. Found together in what manner?

UKWUBENDA: Hanging out, maybe seeing each other or spending quality time.

Legendary Suni: 😂 😂 interview
That’s what friends do..
We are not robots.

This was all he had to say about this, Denying all suspected claims and rumors speculating that he is having an affair with singer, KEILLA.

What do you guys think about what he has said? Is he been truthful or just one of those things that maybe…..

Feel free to drop your comments.


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